Jack, Sara, and Sam
We are a small family owned and operated farm in southwest Minnesota on the Buffalo Ridge. By small I mean less than 500 acres and two off farm incomes. We both proudly claim Hendricks, MN as our hometown but split time between there and Lakeville, MN where Sara works at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Jack is a two time Iraq War veteran with 10 years of service. We are both products of the one and only University of Minnesota.

Go Gophers!!

The way we farm has evolved a great deal since 2012. We initially followed the same practices as most farmers; conventional tillage, corn/soybean rotation, and a straight forward season long low stock density grazing program. The first few years were very difficult with historic drought and tough ground conditions. To conserve moisture we no tilled our first field of corn in 2012 and everything has been no till since 2013. In two years we have had very good results. In 2014 we began rotational grazing and drilled our first cover crops of cereal rye into soybean stubble and a 5 way mix into 70 acres of prevented plant ground. Starting in 2015 we will begin to offer custom fertilizer applications using precision placement and variable rate technology. We believe, as stewards of the land, that sound fertilizer application practices should and will play an ever increasing role in the future of agriculture.

Going forward our goals are to effectively integrate a no till/cover crop practice as a supplementary/winter forage program for our cattle, increase soil organic matter, eliminate erosion, and increase profit margins.